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Kindergarten is the perfect place where your children will play and learn!

In our gardens, situated in the center of the city, every child is special and mirth and the smile are essential ingredients of innovative programs “learn through play”, part of the British educational model.

Image: kids playing

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Located in a beautiful building, spacious and furnished specifically to meet the child’s needs, we ensure uniqueness and individuality of each child is recognized by giving each an “educator-principal’ (“key person”), which works closely with parents. Both play areas and learning each age appropriate rooms arranged in part, and outer space, specially designed to provide continuity of activities in the interior, are designed to inspire and nurture imagination and the continued development of our children.

Image: family

Places great importance that each child is unique and the family has an important role in your child’s education. Father is the first educator of the child, which is why the Kindergarten encourage partnership with parents, sharing information, so that together we ensure that we provide children the best start possible in life.

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RSVP and Wedding Invitation

Image: RSVP-and-wedding-invitation-theme

RSVP and Wedding Invitation

WordPress plugin for RSVP and email wedding invitation sending. Wedding invitation template included.


  • RSVP with Vegetarian and Kids menus
  • Fully administrable guest list, add/edit/delete and sort your guests;
  • Statistics per menu types (standard/kids/vegetarian);
  • Statistics per RSVP status (Yes/No/Pending);
  • CSS styles adapt to your theme;
  • Wedding invitation – Invite your guests to attend your wedding with our beautiful and customizable email invitation;
  • Send invites to multiple guests at the same time;
  • Customize the text on the invitation and send different invitations to different people;
  • Add the RSVP form to any page as Wordpress shortcode;
  • Email matching check on RSVP form, so only the people you invited can RSVP;
  • Nonintrusive css style for RSVP form, it will keep the look and feel of your theme.


  • V 1.3 [01 Nov 2013]
    Added textarea message field.
  • V 1.2 [30 Aug 2013]
    Modified classes names to avoid error due to naming conflicts with other plugins or themes.
  • V 1.1 [5 June 2013]
    Added “Disable email validation”/captcha option to RSVP form.
  • V 1.0 [22 May 2013]
    Initial release.


Image: vintage-wedding-theme

Vintage Wedding Theme


  • RSVP and Wedding Invitation email sending (invitation template included)
  • RSVP with Vegetarian and Kids menus
  • Responsive
  • Theme Options (Admin Panel)
  • 12 Widget Areas
  • Bride & Groom photos
  • Custom Background
  • WOW Slider
  • AJAX Photo Album Gallery
  • Layered vector PSD files included
  • Countdown plugin/widget included
  • SEO ready
  • Translation ready
  • Social media: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Foursquare, StumbleUpon, RSS, LinkedIn, Yelp

Vintage Wedding Theme is a responsive layout WordPress theme with fluid grid system that adapts any viewing environment (mobile/tablet or desktop). It has 11 Page Templates and 12 Widget Areas. Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated.

10 Page Templates:

  • Filterable Photo Albums Gallery
  • Blog (full posts)
  • Blog Excerpt (summary)
  • Content + Sidebar Right
  • Content Half Page + Sidebar Right Half Page
  • Full Width Page (no sidebar)
  • Landing Page (no menu)
  • Sidebar Left + Content
  • Sidebar Left Half Page + Content Half Page
  • Sitemap


  • V 1.7 [20.05.2014]
  • Added an alternate cursive font compatible with Cyrillic based languages.
  • Updated screenshot for WordPress 3.9.

Changed textdomain.

  • V 1.6 [14.01.2014]
  • Added jQuery calendar datepicker for countdown.

Added option to hide the left image from the layout.

  • V 1.5 [13.01.2014]
  • Removed T(-) Countdown plugin.

Added countdown tab and options in Theme Options.

  • V 1.4 [01.11.2013]
  • Included .xml file exported from the demo, for easier setup.
  • Externalized rsvp functionality to plugin.
  • Added message textarea to the rsvp form.
  • Minor bugfix with left image overlapping content on non-retina tablets, when layout was centered.

Minor bugfix with gallery images right margin on smaller resolutions.

  • V 1.3 [30.05.2013]
  • Added option to center layout.

Added "Disable email validation" / captcha option to RSVP form.

  • V 1.2.1 [21.05.2013]

Fixed minor bug with auto paragraph when adding shortcodes.

  • V 1.2 [20.05.2013]
  • Added RSVP and Wedding invitation sending.
  • Added prettyPhoto - support for videos in lightbox.
  • Redesigned Admin Panel.
  • Fixed compatibility with older php versions (5.2).

Added translation template .pot file.

  • V 1.1 [16.05.2013]
  • Added admin option for changing the bouquet image in the left.
  • Added lightbox for all the images.

Fixed minor display issues on 404 and search result page.

  • V 1.0
    Initial release.


Reviewer Comments

My fiancee and I used the cool outdoor template for our client's pool business - above ground pools by RoyalPoolsAndSpas.com. Added video and lots of fun shots at the pool with multiple families having a blast. Went very smoothly and have recommended this site to our friends. Once personalized with your own photos, the sites come alive! LOL, but I used the same technique when my fiancee and I started looking for contemporary furniture for our new condo in Philadelphia. She is partial to Italian contemporary furniture so a good friend recommended a store called, room service 360°. Apparently they are an authorized dealer of the most respected Italian furniture designers and manufacturers on the market today. We first checked out the website to see what they offered in contemporary dining furniture. Very impressive. We had a color theme in mind, definitely wanted glass, until we saw a stunning Korpio Keramik dining table with a Gold Calacatta ceramic top by Cattelan Italia. We tentatively picked and chose what we thought looked good and then we drove to the store. A knowledgeable sales person worked with us until we had the dining room furniture of our dreams. Next up will be the living room, leather, of course, and later the master bedroom. We are both so excited about the store and website.

Next up is finding a luxury round cushion dog bed that looks as chic as the rest of the livingroom / diningroom. Well it took a while to find the perfect dog bed that didn't scream "dog bed" and have its cover a fabric that was complimentary to the rest of our decore. We finally discovered GodNightDog, an online store that sells round dog beds that look like floor pillows. In addition they dog beds are covered in upscale designer fabric and they are removeable for washing. We ended up buying three dog beds. Madeline uses one as her dog bed and the other two we use a floor pillows! Must take some pics of our amazing condo and then find the appropriate template where we can display the transformation.

Very easy to use and install.  Had some problems with mobile versions because the normal plugin did not work out of the box. But after signing up for a customer support solution we found an excellent source for helpdesk support which not only made our customers happy, but also helped us locate resources to further customize our help desk. Even if you don't use a help desk, these templates are great looking and with a little technical guidance can be customized to perfectly match your most extreme need. RJ

Love these simple but elegant designs!  LM